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Sci-Fi Thriller - 24 Movie Review

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24 is an Indian Tamil-language science fiction thriller film, written and directed by Vikram Kumar and produced by actor Suriya under the banner of 2D Entertainment. It is a Own production company which is the Name of 1st letter of two children Names (Dev, Diya). The film stars Suriya, Samantha and Nithya Menon. 24 Movie Music Composed by Top Musician and Oscar Award winner A R Rehman. Film Distributing by Eros International. The soundtrack album of 24 movie was released by Eros Music on 11 April 2016. 24 Movie Film Budget around 85 Crores.

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Already the film has created positive vibes around it through promotional material, including the audio songs. Especially, the teaser and trailer have evoked a lot of curiosity among the audience.

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Actor Suriya has played three characters (Mani, Sethuraman and Athreya) in the film, with five appearances. "Athreya" is the one of the roles being that of an antagonist, five to six looks were designed for him. The producers had potential discussions with Catherine Tresa for the lead female role before Samantha was finalized in February 2015. In July 2015, Nithya Menon was roped to play the other leading character. Characters played by Samantha and Nithya in the film are of contrasting nature though both play love interest opposite Suriya. Saranya Ponvannan plays the role of a mother to one of the characters of Suriya in the film. Girish Karnad, ajay Sudha Mohan V.Raman and Tamil comedy actors Charle, Sathyan are alos part of this movie.

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Sethuraman (Suriya) is a brilliant scientist who creates a watch that could manipulate time. He calls it Project 24. However, his twin brother Athreya (Suriya, again), a dreaded don, wants the watch for himself, and therefore attacks his brother, killing his wife in the process. Sethuraman escapes with his infant baby, with the villain close on his heels. Knowing that he has no escape, Sethu leaves his baby and his watch in a protective cover with a lady he meets on a train. Athreya catches up with his brother and kills him, but gets incapacitated in the process and goes into a coma for 26 years. Meanwhile that infant boy grows up to be a strapping young watch mechanic Mani (of course, Suriya), who, one fine day and a series of coincidences later, open that box containing the watch. Having his father’s intellect in his genes, Mani soon understands the magic of the watch. He begins to manipulate time to his advantage, especially in hatching a romantic plot with pretty girl, Sathya (Samantha). However, Athreya wakes up from his coma and comes looking for the watch that could help him regain his lost youth. Thus begins a brilliant game of chess between the similar looking protagonist and antagonist with time travel as their chessboard!

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Cinematographer Tirru takes the visuals of 24 upto hollywood level and the rich visuals backed with Suriya's electrifying screen presence have drawn the attention of the viewers. As per the words coming from audience, 24 is an extremely well presented show with suriya driving the chariot. Vikram kumar have done good job into his viewers that complicated content can easily understandable to common audiences, without dumbing it down too far. The movie 24 is surely worth to watch for top notch writting and the never seen experience it provides..

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