Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dhanush in Kutty - Movie Review

Kutty is a remake of Telugu film ARYA which was made in the year 2004 and nothing different has been tried in this movie.

Arjun (Debutant Sameer Dattani) is a rich and spoilt brat who has the power and proud ness of money in his back ground. He is a loving son of politician Devanayagam (Radha Ravi). He attended a college in which he falls for beautiful Geetha (Shriya). He proposes to her initially, but she refuses him. Then he blackmails her by all means and so Shriya forcibly fall sin love with him in a fear that he jump from the top of the college building and dies. So, Geetha and Arjun Star dating like usual lovers and the story goes on.

Kutty (Dhanush) who is a go luck guy with no big aims and ambitions in his life enters the college as a student. He falls in love with Geetha and proposes to her. He learns from her that she is a lover to Arjun and asks him to back off. But he makes a funny twist to the proposal and says to her that he is in love with her which may be a one side love. He also backs her love and says that she need not love him, but at the same time need not hate him too.

Then the rest of the movie is how Kutty wins the heart of Geetha and how he succeeds in his love. In the climax scenes Geetha realizes that she is in love with Kutty and not Arjun and so the movies ends on a happy ending a after a reel flow of goon bashing of course!

The movie is a time pass movie and will be liked by Dhanush fans as his boy next door looks impress them
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